Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Hana wouldn't do that..." Kiba Lemon

This is you

Name: Takara Suzume

Age: 14

Ninja Rank: Chuunin

This is the smexxi man himself... (lol)

Name: Kiba Inuzuka

Age: 18

Ninja Rank: Jonin

Note from the author:

Okay this is my first lemon, I'm sorry if it sucks but I just got fully healed from a head injury I was suffering. I had this stuck in my mind for a long time, except it was going to be a oneshot. I figured since alot of people are requesting lemons from me this would be great practice. Also I don't mix the Japanese Language in with English. To be honest it really pisses me off. I am studying Japanese right now, and the grammar is different so when someone adds Japanese in, it's not right. Just Saying =) This story is in Takara's P.O.V. (uses I, me, my...etc.) Story time!!!

Sunlight managed to slip it's way through my window curtains. 'damn sun... so annoying' I thought while I rubbed away the sleep from my eyes. I had just gotten back from a mission two nights ago. Sadly we failed. I had Sakura, Shino, and Kiba with me. I was the youngest and least experienced. Our mission was to protect some scroll. Little did we know that about twenty ninja would ambush us. After I fought and killed at least four chuunins and two jonins, a guy from behind me kicked me in the head. It cracked open and now I have stiches. To make things worse my crush, Kiba, carried me back. I probly looked weak in front of him, but he was sweet enough to tear part of his shirt to stop the bleeding in my head (as far as I heard). Kiba and I have been enimies and he's older than me. No matter how rude he is sometimes, I still get the stupid first grade butterflies in my stomach.

I slowly walked to the kitchen and saw my parents garthering things. "Mom... Dad... what are you doing?" I almost mumbled from sleep. My Mom was first to speak. "Lady Tsunade gave us a mission." "What is it?" I asked out of curiosity. "Some stupid team of low ninja failed to protect a scroll so now we have to retrieve it." My dad said angrily. I lowered my head and mentally smacked myself. 'I guess Lady Tsunade forgot to mention it was my team...' "You remember Hana Inuzuka, right?" My mom asked me. I perked my head up and nodded. Hana taught me a few things when I was younger... Of course I remember her. "Hana will check up on you every day, so don't freak out if you see someone come into the house." Mom added. "Mom! I'm fourteen! I don't need a babysitter!" I whined. She and my dad slipped on their ANBU masks simultamiously. "She is just going to check on you and make sure your head is fine." My mom assured me. I groaned. I liked Hana, but my parents have been way too overprotective over me. I hugged my mom, then my dad, and they left. So I was stuck in my house until they got back. I had to wait for my head to heal until I could go on my next mission... how boring. I slouched on our living room couch and fell asleep.

Hours later Hana came just as my mom said. "Hello Takara!" She smiled. I waved back. Hana walked towards me and held out my medication. "You didn't take this yet, did you?" She asked. I shook my head. She smirked and held out some water. I put the two pills in my mouth and washed them down with water. 'I hate medicine...' I handed the water to Hana and she put it in the sink. "Thank you." I said. She grinned and nodded. "Well,, you seem fine so I guess I'll get going. Bye Takara!" She waved. I waved back and she walked out the door.

The same routine went on and on for about a week. Hana came, gave me my meds and left. Eventually I asked her to keep me company and she played a few board games with me. Also my head was almost healed so I didn't have to take the meds. 'Yay!' But one day, Hana didn't come. I got an unexpcted visitor...

The door opened and I heard foot steps assuming it was Hana. But instead of Hana, it was her younger brother, Kiba. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Hana was sent on a mission so she asked me to come and check on you while she was gone." Kiba replied. "Okay..." I said. "So... where's you medicine? Do you have to take it?" He asked. I shook my head. "What does Hana usually do?" He added. I sat up in a sitting posisition on the couch. "She stays awhile to keep me company." I answered. Kiba shrugged and sat next to me on the couch. "I'm sorry about your head..." He whispered. I looked at him. 'does he feel guilty?' "It wasn't your fault," I said. Kiba seemed off... a little depressed was a better way to put it. I got up and stared at him in the eye. he looked away. "Come on! Where is the old Kiba? The one that used to flick my head and call me names..." I shouted. He still wouldn't look at me. Daringly I grabbed his chin and made him look at me. "Are you listening?" I asked. With one hand he grabbed my hand that was on his chin, and with the other he forced me on the couch. He leaned down and gave me a kiss. His lips were rough, and I could feel his over grown canines on my lower lip. He broke away. "Um... Hana doesn't do that..." I stuttered. He looked over and smirked at me. "Takara, I need you to know I love you. I have for awhile now and when you got hurt during that mission... I felt like it was my fault. I should have protected you." Kiba whispered inches from my face. I blushed. This wasn't very good for me though... I was a little embarassed. I had a my tank top and shorts on as pajamas and my hair was messy. 'Thank god I brushed my teeth!' Then I blushed more, realizing that Kiba just said "I love you" to me! I gently hugged him and he stroked my back. "Is your head healed?" He asked. I nodded. He smiled and picked me up. He carried me bridal style through the halls to my bedroom. He layed me on my bed and crawled over me. He got ontop of me and brought his lips back to mine. My tiny chest was crushed under his hard and well toned abs. he started to play with the straps of my tank top and I tangled my hands in his hair.

His tongue gilded along my lower lip; I denied his request. He took his hands away from the straps of my tank top and puposefully slid them over my breasts to my pant-line. They went up and play and squeezed my bare chest. I moaned and he took the opurtunity to slip in his tongue. His tongue warmed my chilled mouth. It caressed the roof of my mouth and rubbed my tongue. He started to pull my shirt up. We broke the kiss, and I helped him pull it off. I was about to go to bed so I didn't have a bra on. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around myself. He smirked and pulled my arms away. He immediately attacked my neck and used his hands to massage my breasts. The pleasure I was feeling was unbelieveable. I felt a huge moan in my throat as soon as Kiba nibbled my soft spot. I let it out and he grinned. By now my nipples were hard and Kiba pinched them making me squeal. He went back to kissing my lips and slid his hands down. They slid through my shorts and undies until both were around my ankles. I kicked them off and Kiba lead his mouth down to my "spot". He slowly ineserted a finger into me. I winced at the pain. "So... this is your first time?" He asked. "Yeah." I said. "Don't worry, it will feel better soon." He assured.

As Kiba said, it felt better after a few minutes. Pleasure took over pain and I softly moaned. As if I approved Kiba started to move his finger around inside you, then he added a second one. I felt my walls tighten, and then I cummed. Kiba pulled out and licked away the cum from his fingers. i realized something... I was completely bare and Kiba was dressed! I quickly grabbed his collar and pulled him below me. He seemed shocked and all I did was smile innoucently. I tore off his jacket, shirt and fishnet so I could see his chest. He was tan, muscular and hot! I trailed kisses up from his torso to his lucious lips. I stole his move from earlier, and undid his pants while kissing. he smiled into the kiss, and kicked off his pants and boxers like I had done earlier. This left us bare and open to eachother. I rubbed his erected bulge by my theigh. 'this is really going to hurt.' I thought while sizing him out. He let out a deep and sexy moan. I unlocked our lips and started my magic down below. I kissed, licked and nibbled his cock. In return I recieved deeper moans from Kiba. I circled his member with my tongue. "Stop teasing..." He moaned. I giggled and continued with my teasing ways. he grabbed my hair and forced my mouth on him. I started to suck, and he bucked into me and cummed earlier than I did. 'someone's an eager beaver...' He hoisted me up on the bed and spread my legs out. "ready?" He asked. I nodded and gripped the bid sheets. he slammed into me, and I let out a whimper. He kissed away my tears and kissed my lips until the pain subsided. My moans became loud. Kiba started to pump in and out, in and out. "Faster Kiba..." I moaned. he went faster and I stratled him. Our bodies started to move in unison. Kiba eventually pumped at an inhuman speed. "Kiba!" I screeched just before our juices mixed inside me. Blood leaked from me... Kiba noticed. "Sorry I'm so big." he smirked. I laughed and pulled him down under the covers with me. His body fit mine perfectly and we fell asleep.

Luckily, I didn't get pregnant that night. Kiba and I started dating for about eight years, then Kiba proposed. Ofcourse i said yes. During our engagement I bacame pregnant so we had to move the wedding up. After half a year from the wedding, I had our first child, a baby boy named Shouichi Inuzuka.

Author's Note-

Again, I'm sorry if it sucked. i tried my hardest and this was my first lemon. I also had trouble channeling my inner perv lol. Anyways, I just got over a head injury, but I'm sad to say I have to have surgery on mu lefft hand soon, so I won't be able to type for awhile. I'm sorry to everyone I promised a oneshot to! I promise, as soon as my hand heals I will go crazy with writing. Im sooo sorry!



  1. Actually it was really rally good for it being your first lemon

  2. Yeah I thought it was awesome too. My first sucked ass. You guys can read it. It's FullMetal Alchemist, SOlf J Kimbley. Tell me if mine sucks bad. XD You'rs was greater than mine by far though.

  3. aww thanks! but I am sure yours isn't as bad as you say it is...

  4. I like the concept and all, but somehow, it just didn't fit Kiba's personality. The other thing I'm irked about is the girl is 14 and Kiba is 18.....this story is disturbing under the stance that it is statutory rape. I don't mean to offend by saying that, but I'd prefer to see the girl at least be 16 or 17...and of course to see more Kiba-ish actions. While I'm on it, don't rush the ending so much. Either leave it a one-shot or draw out the story to include some plot other than smut. Other than that, your writing style is great